Anti immigration Progress Party lose local elections


The anti immigration Progress Party (FrP) was the big loser in yesterday’s local elections held across Norway in 429 municipalities and counties. The country appeared to be reacting to the killing of 77 people by right wing, anti-Muslim fanatic Anders Behring Breivik in July.

The Progress Party dropped from 17.5% in the last local elections to 11.2% this time. In 2009 they came second in the general election with 22.9% of the vote.

The ruling Norwegian Labour Party (A/Ap) did well, taking 32.1% of the vote, up from 29.6% in the last local elections but down on their 2009 general election result when they scored 35.4%.

The opposition Conservative Party (H) also did well. They increased their vote from 19.3% in the last local elections to 27.6% and even better than their 2009 parliamentary result when they received 17.2% of the vote.

Of the other parties the results were as follows, with 2011 results first and 2009 parliamentary results for comparison in brackets:

Center Party (Sp) 7.2% (6.2%)
Liberal Party (V) 6.3% (3.9%)
Christian Democratic Party (KrF) 5.9% (5.5%)
Socialist Left (SV) 4.1% (6.2%)

The results given are with most of the ballots counted but are not the final figures and may be subject to some adjustment.

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