Appeals lodged


As expected, three of the potential candidates in May’s presidential elections have lodged appeals against the election commission’s decision to bar them from running.

Hazem Abu Ismail was barred under new election rules citing a candidate, his wife and parents must hold only Egyptian citizenship. His late mother allegedly held dual American/Egyptian nationality although documents supporting this have yet to be released.

Khairat El-Shater was granted an amnesty last year, having been imprisoned on charges of terrorism and money laundering. Candidates cannot run within six years of being released or pardoned, but his lawyers say the amnesty means the ruling does not apply.

Omar Suleiman failed to gain the necessary endorsements and his appeal is expected to fail as further signature cannot be submitted.

This occurs as the panel to draw up the new constitution is still to be finalised by parliament, casting doubts on the ability to have the document in place in time for the new presidency.

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