At least 14 presidential candidates for 6th March poll


At least 14 candidates will stand in the Presidential poll to take place on 6th March 2011 (revised from 27th February).

Those known to date are:

Salomon Joseph Biokou
Antoine Dayori MP
Joachim Dahissiho MP
Marie Elise Gbédo
Mr Adrien Houngbédji
Cyr Kouagou
Christian-Enock Lagnidé
Issa Salifou MP
Jean Yves Sinzogan
Kessilé Tchalla (a former minister of Health)
Abdoulaye Bio Tchané (chairman of the West African Development Bank)
Victor Prudent Topanou (a former minister)
Boni Yayi (current President)
Janvier Yahouédéou MP

Abdoulaye Bio Tchané is the candidate for a broad coalition of opposition parties under the headline ABT 2011. You can find his website here:

President Boni Yayi does have a website , but it appears to be broken at present. He does have an active Facebook site –

If you know of the online sites of other candidates please let us know.

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