Atambayev wins presidential election


With 96.42% of the votes counted, the Central Elections Commission has announced the following preliminary figures:

Almazbek Atambayev 62.97%, Kamchybek Tahiyev 14.36% and Adahan Madumarov 14.86%. There were 13 other runners, none of which received more than 1% of the vote. Turnout was 62.27%.

Prior to April 2010 the president held an executive post, but following the ousting of former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev the president’s powers have been drastically reduced and executive power now lies with parliament. The new president will serve one six year term and will not be eligible to run a second time.

Atambayev has promised to fight corruption and give the people more of a voice. He will also have to work hard to repair the ethnic divisions between the north of the country (he is a northerner) and the south which supported the former president.

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