Berlusconi loses Milan and more


The city which has been Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s power base since entering politics fell to the centre left in elections this week.

Milan, heartland of Berlusconi’s People of Liberty Party (PDL) fell to the Democratic Party’s Giuliano Pisapia who took 55.10% of the vote. His PDL opponent and former mayor, Letizia Moratti took just 44.89% of the vote.

Berlusconi’s party lost heavily elsewhere in Italy, with 51 towns with more than 15,000 population falling to the centre left.

In Naples Luigi De Magistris took 65.3% of the vote to see off Berlusconi’s candidate, Gianni Lettieri, who took just 34.7%.

In the north, PDL coalition partners, the Northern League also did badly, losing Trieste and Novara amongst others. With Berlusconi having turned the elections into a referendum on himself, the Northern League will have to consider how much of a liability he has become to their party.

Berlusconi is on trial for four cases including bribery, tax fraud and having sex with an underage prostitute. It seems the Italian people have tired of the man they call il cavaliere, the cavalier.

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