Biya stands again


President Paul Biya (78) has declared his candidacy for the presidential election to be held on 9th October. He has been in power since 1982. Biya represents the majority party in Cameroon’s National Assembly, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) where they currently hold 153 of 180 seats.

The elections commission has confirmed that at least 51 candidates will be standing in the presidential election including John Fru Ndi of the main opposition party in the National Assembly, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) which has 16 seats.

Others to submit papers were Fabien Assigana of the Republican Movement (MOREP) and Lamartine Tchana of the newly formed Dynamic of the Liberal Conquering of Cameroon’s Indomitable (DLCC).

The campaign will start officially on 25th September with the election commission confirming the final list of candidates on 20th September.

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