CDU flop in NRW


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) flopped in the North Rhine Westphalia Landtag election which took place yesterday.

The CDU dropped to just 26%, its worst performance ever in the state, with opinion polls predicting about 30% to 33%.

The main winners were the Social Democratic Party (SPD) who increased their percentage of the vote to 38.6% and the Alliance ‘90/The Greens who took about the same percentage as in 2010 at 11.8%.

The federal partners of the CDU did better than expected and took 8.4% and improvement on the 2010 result and the first sign that they may be recovering after more than a year of bad results in state elections.

The new party on the German political scene, The Pirates, took 8.1% and will be represented in the Landtag for the first time. Meanwhile Die Linke dropped below the 5% threshold and will lose all of their seats.

The result of the election means that the SPD and Green alliance will now have an overall majority and will be able to pass their budget. The CDU will be worried that in this, the most populous of all the states and the one which is seen to be a bellweather of public opinion has turned away from them.

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