CDU get hammered


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Party (CDU) did much worse than the polls had predicted in yesterday’s regional poll in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The CDU managed just 23.1%, a drop of 5.7% on the 2006 poll.

The clear winners were the Social Democratic Party (SPD) who increased their percentage of the vote by 5.5% to 35.7%. Die Linke or Left Party also did better than the pollsters predicted, taking 18.4%.

The CDUs national coalition partners, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) managed just 2.7%, down 6.7% on 2006, and will have no representation in the state parliament.

The right wing nationalist, National Democratic Party (NDP) did better than the polls predicted and took 6.0% and will remain in the state parliament, although down by 1.7% on 2006. The reason for the poor polling in the case of the NDP may have been down to a reluctance to admit support for the party.

The turnout was low at 51% and the result was very poor for both national coalition partners made worse by this being Angela Merkel’s home territory.

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