CDU hold on to Saarland


Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has held on to the state of Saarland despite polls suggesting that they may lose control. The CDU in the state took 35.2% of the vote, up half a percent on the 2009 results and giving them 19 seats as before. Although the opposition Social Democratic Party won four more seats, up to 17 seats in the 51 seat Landtag, they have decided not to join forces with Die Linke (The Left) and instead favour a coalition with the CDU.

Die Linke took nine seats, down two on 2009, the Greens dropped one seat to two seats and the Pirate Party won four seats with 7.4% of the vote to gain representation in the state parliament for the first time.

The CDU’s national coalition partners, the Free Democratic Party took 4.5%, below the threshold for representation in the Landtag and lost all five of their seats.

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