CDU knocked in to third place


Exit polls in the city state of Bremen suggest that the Greens have beaten Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) into third place.

The exit poll gave the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) 38%, up on their 2007 figure. The Greens came second with 23% and the CDU on 21.5%. Although the result was good for the Greens, they have also done well in other recent state elections, this could be a short term benefit.

The increase in the SPD vote is the first tangible evidence that they are doing better than the CDU. Whilst the drop of nearly five percent in the CDU vote is the first real sign that the CDU are losing support. Bremen is seen as being a test state for national elections.

As expected the Free Democratic Party (FDP) dropped below the 5% threshold, down to just 3% and will lose all five of their representatives. The Left Party took 5.5%.

The official results are not expected for several days, but the exit polls are known to be very accurate in Germany.

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