Centre left win general election


Stefan Löfven and his centre-left Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP) emerged as the victors in the general election yesterday, toppling Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his centre-right Moderate Party led ‘Alliance’ from government. Fredrik Reinfeldt announced that he would be stepping down as Prime Minister and leader of the Moderates late last night.

The Social Democrats took 31.2% of the vote and 113 of the 349 seats in the Riksdag, up just one seat. Their most likely partners in a new government, the Left Party (V) took 5.7% and 21 seats (+2 seats) whilst the other likely partner, The Green Party (MP) took 24 seats (-1 seat) with 6.8% of the vote.

That would give a red-green coalition 158 seats and they need 175 seats to form a majority government. That in turn means that they will have to try and win over some of the former ‘Alliance’ parties of the centre-right. So far none of the smaller Alliance parties are showing interest. The only other choice is the third placed party, the far-right, Eurosceptic and anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) who won 49 seats with 12.9% of the vote, an increase of 29 seats on their 2010 performance. Neither the red-green bloc nor the Alliance has contemplated doing any deals with the Sweden Democrats.

Of the Alliance parties, the Moderate Party came second with 23.2% of the vote and 84 seats, a net loss of 23 seats on 2010. The Centre Party (C) took 22 seats, down one seat and are on 6.2% of the vote. The Liberal People’s Party (FP) were down five seats to 19 seats on 5.4% of the vote and the Christian Democrats (KD) took 17 seats on 4.6% of the vote, down two seats on 2010.

The Feminist Initiative (FI) failed to win a seat after remaining below the threshold for representation, taking 3.1% of the vote.

The figures given above are preliminary and subject to final readjustment.

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