Centre left win


The opposition centre left or ‘Red bloc’ parties won Denmark’s general election yesterday. Final results, which came in overnight, put the Social Democratic Party led bloc just five seats ahead in what was a close finish.

Social Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt will be Denmark’s first woman prime minister.

Venstre, the main governing party, remain the largest party in the Folketinget or Parliament and increased their representation by one seat. But their allies, the Conservatives dropped ten seats.

The main winners of the night were two smaller opposition parties, the Social Liberals (or Radicals); they gained eight seats as did the far left Red Green Alliance.

The anti-immigration party, the Danish People’s Party dropped three seats, but may well suffer further as they lose the ability to influence policy in government.

The full results, subject to final confirmation and legal challenges are:

Former opposition parties

Social Democratic Party (SD) 24.9% – 44 seats (down one seat)
Socialist People’s Party (SF) 9.2% – 16 seats (down seven seats)
Social Liberal Party (RVB) 9.5% – 17 seats (up eight seats)
Red Green Alliance 6.7% – 12 seats (up eight seats)

Former government parties

Venstre (V) 26.7% – 47 seats (up one seat)
Danish People’s Party (DF) 12.3% – 22 seats (down three seats)
Conservative People’s Party (KF) 4.9% – 8 seats (down ten seats)
Liberal Alliance 5% – 9 seats (up four seats).

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