Centre Right increase majority


The centre right coalition in Estonia has increased its majority.  The Estonian Reform Party increased its number of seats from 31 to 33 (+2) in the 101 member parliament (Riigikogu).  Their coalition partner Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica (IRL) increased their tally from 19 to 23 seats (+4). 

The main opposition party the Estonian Centre Party dropped from 29 to 26 seats (-3) but the other main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (SDE) gained ten seats to go from 9 to 19 seats (+10). 

The Estonian Greens (EER) lost all of their six seats and the People’s Union of Estonia (Rahvaliit) also lost all of their six seats.

The election was seen as a vote on the austerity measures that had been introduced by Prime Minister Andrus Ansip’s centre right coalition, rather than accepting a bailout as had happened in Ireland.

Turnout was 62.9%.

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