CLP win Northern Territories general election


The Country Liberal Party (CLP) appears to have won a majority of the seats in the Northern Territories General Election which took place last Saturday.

In the 2008 general election the Labor Party won 13 of the 25 seats in the Northern Territories Legislative Assembly with the CLP on 11 seats. In 2012 that figure has been reversed, with the CLP picking up around 15 of the 25 seats, ousting Labor after eleven years in power. Final results won’t be confirmed until early September.

Julia Gillard’s Labor Party now controls just one of the six states in the Australian federation – South Australia.

In better news for Australia’s prime minister, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has improved its opinion poll position. Labor rose from 28% in January to 32% in August in its primary vote, they were on 38% in the 2010 general election. In contrast the opposition Liberal National Coalition is on 45% in August down from 48% in January but still 1% ahead of the 2010 general election vote of 44%.

The two party preferred vote in the general election of 2010 put Labor on 50.1% and the Liberal National Coalition on 49.9%. In today’s Nielsen Poll for The Age newspaper Labor has 46%, up from 42% in January and the Liberal National Coalition has 54% down from 56% in January.

Julia Gillard has also improved her own position with 46% saying that she is their preferred Prime Minister up 3% whilst opposition leader Tony Abbott is down 3% to 45%.

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