Coalition wins Federal election


The Liberal/National Coalition led by Tony Abbott have won yesterday’s general election. Although final results have still to be announced it looks as though the coalition has taken between 89 and 91 of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives giving them a swing of 3.5% against Labor.

The former governing party, the Australian Labor Party dropped from 72 seats to an expected 57 seats. Labor leader Kevin Rudd has already announced his resignation as Labor leader and the battle or his replacement is likely to be between Bill Shorten, the Minister for Education and leader of the right wing ‘Labor Unity’ faction and Anthony Albanese, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Other possible leadership contenders include Christopher Bowen, Tony Burke and Jason Clare.

The Greens, Katter’s Australian Party and an Independent all won one seat.

Crucially the Coalition looks to have fallen short of taking an overall majority in the upper house or Senate. They could be as many as five seats short which will make repealing Acts such as the Carbon Tax that much more difficult and Tony Abbott will be obliged to do deals with a number of smaller crossbench parties.

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