Conservative Party and Progress Party announce coalition programme for government


After two weeks of negotiations a two party coalition made up of Erna Solberg’s Conservative Party (Høyre) and Siv Jensen’s Progress Party (FrP) will form a minority government with 77 of the 169 seats in the Storting or Norwegian Parliament, nine short of a majority.

Yesterday the two parties, who have reached an accord with two smaller centre-right parties, announced their plan for government in a 75 page document which has eight priority areas according to The Norwegian Post. The eight areas recorded in the newspaper are:

• Make Norwegian industry more compatible, thus secure Norwegian jobs

• Simplify everyday life for the average Norwegian

• Upgrade universities and other places of learning

• The Government wants to build the Nation

• Security for citizens in everyday life as well as strenghtened preparedness

• Higher welfare for the elderly and the sick

• A stronger social security network

• A living local democracy.

Part of the accord with the smaller parties is believed to include a rule that caps spending of the $780 billion sovereign wealth fund at 4% and no oil exploration around the Lofoten Islands for the next four years.

The two parties are expected to announce their new cabinet soon and the current Socialist Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will hand in his government’s resignation on 14th October.

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