Conservatives win majority


The Conservative Party has won the majority it was asking the voters of Canada for throughout the general election. The election, which was called as a result of the government being defeated in a no confidence vote, also saw the New Democratic Party (NDP) sweep in to second place, the Liberals reduced to a few seats and the Bloc Québécois all but wiped out.

The latest results, some of which still have to be verified show the Conservatives on 166 seats with 39.6% of the vote, up from 143 in the last parliament, pushing them over the 155 seats needed for a majority.

The NDP, whose vote splitting in a number of seats helped the Conservatives to victory, won 103 seats with 30.7% of the vote. They started the campaign with 37 seats in parliament and were most successful in Quebec, winning 59 of 75 ridings and all but wiping out Bloc Québécois who won four seats down from 49.

The Liberals were reduced from 77 seats to just 34 seats with 18.9% of the vote, their worst ever general election. They now have no representation over vast swathes of Canada.

Because of their poor results the Bloc Québécois are no longer recognised as an official party and Giles Duceppe who lost his seat has resigned as party leader. Michael Ignatieff the Liberal leader who also lost his seat has said that he has no plans to step down as leader.

For the Conservatives the big loss was Foreign Minister Laurence Cannon who lost his seat.

One of the first moves the Conservatives can expect to make when parliament reconvenes later this month is to pass the federal budget which the opposition parties voted down in the final days of the last parliament.

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