Day of rest before election tomorrow


The general election will take place tomorrow in Singapore. Today, Friday, is a day of rest and reflection from campaigning after a campaign of less than two weeks.

Six opposition parties are putting up an unprecedented number of candidates 82 for 87 seats in this election. Normally the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) would find themselves with around thirty or forty seats uncontested at this stage in previous elections.

The level of opposition this time also reflects a general dissatisfaction with the PAP government over the rising cost of living, the affordability of housing and the increasing gap between rich and poor.

The criticism has been so loud that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was forced to issue a public apology for government failures at a rally earlier this week. With all state newspapers heavily controlled by PAP the use of the internet and social media has been intense in the campaign with several new political figures coming to prominence through their Tweets and Blogs.

Most of the campaign has been conducted through a series of rallies for each party in this small island state.

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