El Salvador

Defeat for left wing party


The left wing ruling party Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) has been beaten in the general election which took place on Sunday. The FMLN managed 37.05% of the vote, winning 31 seats, a drop of four seats and six percentage points from their 2009 position.

The winning party was the right wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) which has taken 40% of the vote and is likely to have 33 of the 84 seats in the National Assembly, up one from 2009 but crucially putting them ahead of the FMLN.

The third largest party will be the Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA) a new party which split away from ARENA in January 2010. They have picked up 9.63% of the vote and around 11 seats. They now find themselves in the enviable position of deciding which of the two major parties to support; equally they have broken up the two party politics which manifested El Salvador’s politics up to this point.

In local elections taking place on the same day, ARENA held on to the important Municipality of San Salvador (the capital city).

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