Dilma Rousseff’s party takes control of more municipalities and São Paulo


The ruling Workers Party of President Dilma Rousseff has done well in the second round of the municipal elections that took place on Sunday; they went up from 558 municipalities in 2008 to 635 today. Another strong winner was the Social Democratic Party (PSD) which was founded in September last year as a splinter group from the Democrats; they won 497 municipalities.

The other big news of the elections was a win for the Workers Party in São Paulo where Ricardo Haddad took 55.57% of the vote compared with José Serra of the PSDB who took 44.43%. The city of 11 million people is seen as a major prize for any political party and the winner often goes on to higher office including the presidential post.

The list of party wins in the municipalities as it stands at the moment, subject to official confirmation is as follows:

Partido do Movimento Democratico Brasileiro, Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) centrist, 1,024
Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira, Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) centre-right, 702
Partido dos Trabalhadores, Workers Party (PT) left-wing, 635
Partido Social Democrático, Social Democratic Party (PSD) centrist, 497
Partido Progressista, Progressive Party (PP) right wing, 469
Partido Socialista Brasieliro, Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) centre-left, 442
Partido Democrata Trabalhista, Democratic Labour Party (PDT) left-wing, populist, 311
Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro, Brazilian Labour Party (PTB) centre left, 295
Democrats (formerly Partido da Frente Liberal, Liberal Front Party) right-wing, 278
Partido da República, Republic Party (PR) right wing, 275.

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