EFSF passed and election date approved


Robert Fico, the leader of the main opposition Direction – Social Democracy (SMER – SD) got his way yesterday when a general election date of 10th March 2012 was passed in the National Council. The vote was 143 for and 3 against.

The last general election was held on 12th June 2010 and the next election was scheduled for 2014.

Although the SMER-SD are the largest party in the National Council with 62 seats, Iveta Radičová’s Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKU – DS) were able to put together a coalition of four parties. One of those parties, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), refused to ratify the EFSF on Tuesday which caused the fall of the government.

Richard Sulík the leader of SaS was dismissed as Parliamentary Speaker yesterday and replaced by Pavol Hrusovsky of the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH).

The vote for the general election had been linked to the failed attempt on Tuesday to pass the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), a bailout fund for the 17 Eurozone countries. Fico had made it clear that they would only vote for the EFSF if they got an early election. In the end the EFSF was passed yesterday by 114 votes for and 30 against with three abstentions.

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