Election called for 6th May


President Boris Tadić has called a general election for 6th May, with the parliament’s speaker announcing that there will be municipal elections on the same day.

The last general election was held on 11th May 2008 with a pro Europe coalition of parties centred on Tadić and called the ‘For a European Serbia’, taking 102 of the 250 seats in the National Assembly.

The second largest party, the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) came second with 78 seats, but in October 2008 a number of their Deputies left the party and formed a new party, the right wing nationalist Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) with its leader being Tomislav Nikolić; they currently have 21 Deputies.

Former President and Prime Minister, Vojislav Koštunica’s party, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) came third with 30 seats. The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) took 20 seats and the Liberal Democratic Party, LDP, took 13 seats. There are three smaller parties also represented in the National Assembly.

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