Election date set for 2nd May


The Canadian general election will be held on Monday 2nd May 2011.

All the political leaders have started their campaigns in this election which has been on the cards since the New Year.  Prime Minister and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, who has called the election unnecessary and irresponsible, is in the Toronto area.  Michael Ignatieff of the Liberal Party is in Montreal as is Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe whilst New Democrats leader Jack Layton is in the Vancouver area.

An Ipsos Reid poll published today (27th March 2011) shows Stephen Harper having a commanding lead in almost all areas of leadership.

When asked ‘who would make the best Prime Minister’ 49% said Stephen Harper, Jack Layton got 34% but main opposition leader Michael Ignatieff received just 17% support.

When asked who would be best to manage during tough economic times, Harper moved up to 52% with Layton on 22% and Ignatieff on 18%.

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