Election moved back to end of April


A spokesperson for the majority Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) has announced that elections which were slated for 19th February are now likely to happen in late April instead. No firm date has been given and no formal government statement has been made.

The suggested change of timing for the general election is because the interim government of Lucas Papademos is struggling to meet the targets to be achieved before an election is called. Although the government has received the latest tranche of bailout funds from the EU and IMF, they have been struggling to meet the terms of the bailout agreement. Most observers believe that a Greek default is still very much on the cards and the political and civil turmoil still continues.

Meanwhile TAIPED, the state privatisation fund is planning the second tranche of privatisations under the new government. TAIPED will shortly issue tenders for the Astir Palace Resort at Vouliagmeni, the former International Broadcasting Center at Maroussi (currently houses the Golden Hall shopping centre) and plots at Kassiopi on Corfu and at Afandou on Rhodes.

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