Elections for Sejm and Senate today


Around 30 million Poles will vote today for the 460 Deputies in the lower house of Sejm and the 100 members of the upper house or Senate in this bicameral parliament.

There are around 26,000 polling stations and they will be opne from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time.

Latest polls suggest that Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) will win with around 39% of the vote. The party of Jaroslav Kaczynski, Law and Justice (PiS), has dropped off in the final days of the campaign and is expected to get around 29% according to a TNS OBOP poll published on 7th October.

This may yet cause some problems because the PO will have to do a deal with another party to form a majority government. Their most likely partners are the party with which they are currently in coalition, the Polish People’s Party (PSL); but they are standing on 9% and they may well fall short of giving the PO the number of seats necessary to form a government.

Donald Tusk has made it clear that he does not want to form a three party coalition and he will not entertain the new party, Palikot’s Movement (RP) with its anti-church policies, which has around 10% of the vote. The only other party that is likely to enter the parliament is the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) which is on 9%.

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