Elections results still coming in


Results for the election held on 7th July continue to come in across Libya. Of the 80 seats allocated for political parties in the 200 seat General National Congress the National Forces Alliance is the clear winner.

The National Forces Alliance (NFA) of Mahmoud Jibril is on course to win 40 of the 80 party seats. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP) has managed just 18 seats so far whilst the National Front has three seats, the National Central Party has two seats as does the Union for the Homeland whilst fifteen other parties have all taken one seat.

There is trouble brewing already between the Justice and Construction Party and the National Forces Alliance. The JCP leader, Mohammed Sawan, has ruled out any alliance with the NFA and considers Jibril to be ‘worse than Gaddafi’. The JCP say that they have secured a number of additional seats, possibly as many as twenty through the seats allocated for individuals.

Meanwhile Mahmoud Jibril has called for a national unity government and is talking to other parties and individuals.

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