Establishment parties win Regional Elections


The far-right National Front (FN) failed to win any French region in the second round of voting in regional elections which took place yesterday.

After coming first in six of the 13 regions in the first round of voting last week, the National Front were blocked by the establishment left and right parties dropping candidates and urging their supporters to vote for the main establishment party. The tactic worked with the centre-right The Republicans (LR) picking up seven regions (+4) and the centre-left Socialist Party (PS) taking the remaining six regions (-16). Nationalists won Corsica with other overseas territories still to report.

National Front candidate Marion Marechal-Le Pen described the result as “there are some victories that shame the winners”. Although the National Front didn’t win a single region the establishment parties should remain deeply concerned by the continuing rise of the far-right. The FN picked up their largest number of votes so far and they lead the pace in French politics with both the ruling Socialists and Republicans having to play ‘catch-up’.

Turnout was up by about 10% on the first round to 58%.

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