Evo Morales wins third term


President Evo Morales has won his third Presidential election in a row. Although the final results have yet to be announced a series of unofficial counts, exit polls and other indicators suggest that he has won in the first round with 59.7% of the vote.

Morales’ main rival, Samuel Doria Medina of the Unity Democrat Coalition (UD), took 25.1% of the vote with Jorge Quiroga of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) in third place with 9.6% of the vote.

Morales and his MAS party won eight out of the nine Departments in Bolivia, only failing to win the Beni Department in the North East which was taken by Unity.

In the general election the results look as though they will give President Morales’ party, the left-wing Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), 25 of the 36 Senate seats and 82 seats in the 130 seat Chamber of Deputies.

The right-wing Unity Democrat Coalition (CUD) has around 10 Senators and 35 Deputies whilst the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) has one Senator and 11 Deputies. Two other parties have won seats; the centre-left Movement Without Fear party (MSM) and the centre-left Green Party (PVB) have one Deputy each.

President Morales says that he will not stand again in 2019.

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