Exit polls suggest win for Civic Platform


The ruling Civic Platform (PO) has won the general election which took place yesterday, if exit polls are to be believed. Turnout was said to be 47.7%.

The exit polls give Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s PO 39.6% of the vote, with the Law and Justice Party (PiS) coming in second with 30.1%.

The third placed party was the new Palikot’s Movement (RP) with 10.1%, then the PO’s previous coalition partner, the Polish People’s Party (PSL) and the last party to be represented in the new parliament will be the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) who are on 7.7% of the vote.

If the exit polls are accurate then that will allow the PO and PSL to form a coalition again, giving them around 239 of the 460 seats in the Sejm or lower house. Discussions around forming a new coalition are likely to start today. This will be the first time since emerging from communism that Poland has elected an incumbent government for a second term.

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