Fernández party weakens in primary elections


Primary elections held on Sunday suggest that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her government may face a setback in mid-term elections set for 27th October this year. Fernández’ party, the Front for Victory (FpV) ended up on Sunday with a much reduced share of the popular vote, down to 26% compared with 57% in 2011.

Meanwhile Mayor of Tigre, Sergio Massa and his Renewal Front (Frente Renovador) managed to take 35% of the vote and in Buenos Aires province did well by defeating the ruling Victory Front (FpV) candidate Lomas de Zamora Mayor Martín Insaurralde.

The primary elections have all but taken away any possibility of the ruling party getting a two-thirds majority in the October elections and hence changing the constitution to allow Fernández to run for a third term. It has also placed Sergio Massa firmly in place to become a key contender for the presidential elections in 2015.

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