Fico gets landslide


Robert Fico and his centre left Direction – Social Democracy (SMER – SD) has achieved a landslide victory in yesterday’s general election.

According to continuous results coming in from the National Statistic Office of Slovakia ( SMER – SD has taken 44.49% of the vote with results from 5932 of 5956 districts completed. That will give them 83 seats, an overall majority in the 150 seat Národná rada or National Council; in 2010 they took 62 seats.

The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) shares the number two slot with newcomers The Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL) party. KDH have 8.81% of the vote and 16 seats and OL have 8.55% of the vote and 16 seats.

Three of the four previous right wing coalition partners have all managed to squeeze in to parliament, but on greatly reduced percentages. The governing Slovak Democratic Christian Union (SDKU) managed just 11 seats with 6.05%, down from 28 seats in 2010. Most – Hid, their coalition partners have leapt in front of them to take 13 seats with 6.89% of the vote and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) has managed 11 seats with 5.83% of the vote, a drop from 22 seats in 2010.

The far right ultranationalist party, the Slovak National Party (SNS) failed to get above the 5% threshold for seats in the National Council and has lost all nine seats won in 2010.

The results given are subject to official confirmation.

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