Fidesz take 133 of 199 seats in general election


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz-Christian Democratic alliance have won a resounding victory, as expected, in the general election. Results published by the National Election Office suggest that Fidesz will have a two-thirds majority once more but in a smaller chamber of 199 seats.

First results published by the National Election Office, which has still to be verified, give the centre-right Fidesz-KDNP 44.54% of the vote and 133 seats in the new parliament.

The centre-left ‘Government Change’ led by the Hungarian Socialist Party, and which appeared in its five party identity on the ballot paper as MSZP-EGYÜTT-DK-PM-MLP, scored 25.99% and 38 seats, a slightly better showing than in 2009.

The only two other parties to gain representation were the far-right Jobbik which took 20.54% and 23 seats and the centre-left Green party, ‘Politics Can Be Different’ or LMP which scraped over the 5% threshold with 5.25% of the vote and five seats.

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