Final list published


Thirteen candidates have appeared on the official list of those allowed to contest the presidential election next month. There had originally been 23 applications to stand, but a number of these had been disqualified.

Former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, was one of those initially disqualified due to his role in the Mubarak regime, however his appeal was subsequently accepted.

The other candidates are:
Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood
Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh; a former Brotherhood member and considered more of a moderate
Amr Moussa; the former Foreign Minister and Arab League Secretary-General
Muhammad al-Awwa; an Islamic thinker and lawyer, who is supported by the Al-Wasat party
Hisham al-Bastawisi; a leading judge and the candidate of the left-wing Tajammu Party
Abu-al-Izz al-Hariri; an MP and the candidate of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party
Khalid Ali; a left-wing human rights activist and a labour lawyer
Hamdin Sabbahi; an independent and the co-founder of the Nasserist al-Karama party
Husam Khayrallah; the Democratic Peace Party candidate
Abdallah al-Ashal; former assistant foreign minister and a law professor at the American University in Cairo
Mahmud Hussam; a former Police official
Muhammad Fawzi; a former police officer working in the investigations department in Upper Egypt

The first round of elections will take place on 23-24 May.

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