Fine Gael win


Fine Gael are the largest party in the new Irish Parliament. Having fallen short of a full majority they are entering into talks with a number of potential coalition partners.

Although the final results are not yet in, with 154 of the 166 seats declared, Fine Gael has 70 confirmed seats and 36.1% of the vote.

Labour came second with 19.4% and 36 seats, Fianna Fáil third with 18 seats and 17.4% of the vote and Sinn Féin took 13 seats with 12.6%.

On 9.9% of the vote, 13 Independents were elected, 2 Socialist Party TDs and 2 People Before Profit Alliance TDs were also elected.

Eleven seats have still to be announced in what turned out to be a marathon two days of counting with up to twelve recounts in some cases.

The big winner of this election was Fine Gael, increasing their number of seats from 51 to at least 70. The Labour Party did better than the polls had suggested, although a surge of social media interest in the party in the final week of the campaign suggested that something was happening. They have gone from 20 seats to at least 36. Sinn Féin also did well going from 4 seats to 13.

The big losers, as expected, were the incumbent party Fianna Fáil who dropped from 77 seats to just 18.

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