First free elections for 60 years


In the first election for sixty years 2,865,937 electors will go to the polls in Libya today to vote for a 200 seat Public National Conference.

The Public National Conference will be charged with the task of appointing a prime minister and Cabinet as well as setting up a Constituent Assembly which will draw up a new constitution. Once this is done the new constitution will go before a referendum and after that a general election will be called within six months.

For today, there are 4,013 candidates registered. Of those, 2,639 are standing for 120 seats designated for individuals in the new assembly and the balance are standing for the 80 seats allocated for political parties of which there are 349.

There are 6,629 polling stations across the country and polling will take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time.

Some of the campaigning has been disrupted by various factions especially people seeking greater regional autonomy, especially in the east and there are fears that there may be violence during the day. Results are not expected until Monday at the earliest, although some partial results may be known on Sunday.

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