General election today


Comoros is holding a general election today with a second round on 22nd February. There are also local elections today for municipal councillors and the three island assemblies.

The general election should have been held by April 2014 when the Assembly of the Union’s term of office expired. The term of office was extended and elections were scheduled for November 2014, but then President Ikililou Dhoinine announced that they would be delayed until 28th December 2014 and finally they were fixed for 25th January 2015.

A total of 275,348 Comorian voters will vote at 708 polling stations in Moheli, Anjouan and Grande Comore. There are 805 candidates standing in the election. Of those 204 are standing for the 33 member Assembly of the Union. Of the 33 members, 18 are elected directly through single member constituencies using the two round system whilst 15 are elected by the three island assemblies.

For the local government elections there are 353 candidates standing for the three Island Assemblies and 248 people for the municipal councils.

The last parliamentary elections were held in 2009 and President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi’s party won 16 seats with his allies winning a further three seats. Five opposition members were returned.

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