Georgia votes for new Parliament


Georgia goes to the polls today to elect a new 150 seat parliament.

There are 3,513,884 voters who will vote at 3,645 polling stations between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time. There are also 55 polling stations abroad in overseas missions across 40 countries. The voters will be choosing from 816 candidates from six blocs and 19 political parties.

The 150 seats are elected in one of two ways. There are 77 seats which are elected by a closed list proportional representation system where the country is a single constituency with a 5% threshold for representation. The remaining 73 members are elected in single member constituencies but must obtain 50% of the vote to win. Runoffs will take place within two weeks of polling day.

In the 2012 election a coalition of six broadly centre-left parties known as Georgian Dream won 85 seats, beating the ruling centre-right United National Movement (ENM) which took 65 seats. In this election the Georgian Dream constituent parties are fighting the election individually.

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