Goes to the polls today


Around a million people will vote in today’s (6th March 2011) general election which is expected to see the ruling Reform Party of PM, Andrus Ansip, returned to power with their coalition partners the Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica (IRL). In the most recent opinion poll the two parties were said to have 54% of the vote. The economy expanded by 6.6% in the last quarter and unemployment has fallen since a peak in early 2010.

625 polling stations opened at 0900 and will close at 2000 with a total of 794 candidates standing across the country for the 101 seat parliament or Riigikogu.

Turnout is expected to be around 60%, although some 236,000 or 27% of the electorate has already voted. 140,846 people had voted by internet (around 5%) by the time internet voting closed on 2nd March. Voters can still change their mind by going to their polling station and voting in person, this automatically cancels their previous vote.

Results are expected early on Monday morning.

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