Governing parties lose ground in local elections


The ruling Conservative Party (Høyre) appears to have suffered some major losses in local elections which took place yesterday.

The elections were for 428 local government bodies including municipalities for which there are 10,781 seats and county councils with 787 seats.

The 2011 local elections gave the Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet), which lost the 2013 general election, around 32% of the vote. Yesterday they looked to have taken 33.4%. The Conservatives had been on 28% in 2011 but appear to have dropped to 22.4%.

The Conservatives were set to lose control of Oslo and Bergen, the two major cities in Norway. In Oslo the Greens are expected to enter into a power sharing arrangement with Labour.

The main losers of the campaign were the right-wing anti-immigration party, the Progress Party (FrP) which dropped from 16.3% support in the 2013 general election to around 9.7% support yesterday.

The final tally is still being counted and the figures given above are not the final result.

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