Government parties win


Algerians chose to vote for continuity in their general election which was held on Thursday.

The ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) won 220 seats in the 462 seat People’s National Assembly, an increase of 84 seats on the 2007 election. Their partners in government, the National Rally for Democracy (RND) also increased their representation, from 61 to 68 seats.

The main Islamic alliance, the Green Alliance, made up of the Movement of Society for Peace (MSP), Islamic Renaissance Movement (MRI) and Movement for National Reform collectively dropped 12 seats, taking just 48 seats in the new parliament. They had expected to do well and have accused the government of fraudulent elections.

The Front of Socialist Forces (FFS) did especially well, taking 21 seats in the new parliament when in 2007 they had no representation. The more left wing Workers’ Party (PT) dropped six seats to 20 seats in the new parliament.

The new parliament will have 19 independents and a further 20 parties with a small number of seats between them.

The centrist Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) boycotted the elections and as a result lost all 19 seats.

The official turnout figures are 42.36%, although these are being disputed.

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