HDZ emerge largest party from General Election


The people of Croatia have voted for a cliff-hanger parliament for the second time in less than a year following yesterday’s general election.

The final results of the election as published by the Central Election Commission are as follows:

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), centre-right; 61 seats
Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) and their People’s Coalition, centre-left; 54 seats
Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST), centre to centre-right; 13 seats
Human Shield (Živi Zid), centrist anti-establishment; 8 seats
Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS), centre-left regional party; 3 seats
Bandić Milan 365 – The Party of Labour and Solidarity (BM365), centrist and populist; 2 seats
Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB), right-wing regional party; 1 seat
Željko Glasnović (independent candidate) 1 seat

Zoran Milanović, the leader of the SDP and former prime minister has already announced that he will not be standing as leader again. Andrej Plenković, the leader of HDZ, now has the task of putting together a coalition. He needs 76 seats to form a government in the 151 seat Hrvatski sabor. His best hope of doing that is to talk to MOST and BM365 both of whom were in the previous coalition and would give him exactly 76 seats.

This article in Total Croatia News has a handy biography of Plenković.

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