HNEC announces final election results


The High National Election Commission (HNEC) announced the result of the general election to the 200 seat General National Congress yesterday.

Of the 80 seats available to political parties, the National Forces Alliance (NFA) of Mahmoud Jibril took 39 seats. The Muslim Brotherhood’s party, Justice and Construction came second with 17 seats and the National Front Party took three seats. There were three more parties with two seats and fifteen parties with one seat each.

The final result caused the leader of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, to go back on his previous words and admit that they may well be forced to talk to the NFA if they wish to be part of the government.

There are an additional 120 members of the General National Congress who were elected as Independents and over the next few weeks a lot of talking will be needed to draw up a viable coalition government in order to achieve a majority.

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