HRPP suffers losses


The ruling Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) has suffered losses in the general election which took place last Friday 4th March.

Voter turnout was very high with some voters queuing up to two hours before the polling stations opened.

The HRPP have gone down to 29 from 35 seats in the 49 seat parliament. The new unified opposition party the Tautua Party have taken 13 seats and Independents have a further 7 seats.

The HRPP put up as many as four candidates in some seats and the voters appear to have voted against some of the incumbents, choosing instead to bring in new people. Three government ministers lost their seats, the Justice Minister Unasa Mesi Galo, the Communications Minister Safuneituuga Paga Neri and Eduation Minister Toomata Poese Alapati Toomata.

The Tautua Party need 17 votes in the parliament to block constitutional changes and are talking to Independent candidates. A Cabinet is expected to be formed within two weeks.

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