Humala late surge unnerves markets


A late surge in support for the left wing candidate, Ollanta Humala, in today’s presidential election has unnerved markets. Stocks were down 2% and the currency weakened with the news that a late poll put Humala slightly ahead of his opponent Keiko Fujimori.

A Datum poll showed Ollanta Humala on 50.8% and Keiko Fujimori on 49.2%. Many of Peru’s voters are dismayed by the choice between a man who is known to be a personal friend of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and wants to introduce left wing policies and a woman who has surrounded herself with advisors of her father who is currently in prison serving corruption and human rights abuse convictions.

Although voting is compulsory in Peru, we may well see a large number of spoilt ballot papers amongst the approximately 20 million voters.

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