Independence Party win general election


The people of Iceland have voted for continuity after appearing to back the Pirate Party in opinion polls before Saturday’s general election.

In the final count the centre-right Independence Party, which was the junior partner in the former government, won two extra seats to gain 21 seats in the 63 seat parliament with 29% of the vote. It was the left-wing Left-Green movement who came second with 10 seats (+3) and 15.91% of the vote with the Pirates in third place on 10 seats (+7) and 14.48% of the vote.

The former majority partner in the government, the Progressive Party, dropped 11 seats to take eight seats with 11.49% of the vote. They had been badly damaged over revelations emitting from the Panama Papers earlier this year.

A new party, the Viðreisn (Reform) a centre-right splinter group from the Independence Party won seven seats and 10.48% of the vote. Bright Future dropped two seats to take four seats and the once mighty Social Democratic Alliance dropped six seats to take three seats.

President Guðni Jóhannesson is expected to invite Bjarni Benediktsson and his Independence Party to form a government.

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