Independent Andrej Kiska wins Presidential election


Andrej Kiska, the Independent candidate, businessman and philanthropist (Independent) has won the Slovak Presidential election.

Kiska took 59.38% of the vote in the second round of voting which took place yesterday. He beat incumbent Prime Minister Robert Fico of Direction – Social Democracy (Smer) who took 40.61%.

Turnout was 50.48% in the second round, up from 43.4% in the first round which took place on 15th March.

The result of the election confirms the unhappiness of Slovak voters at having Smer in charge at every level of government. Some analysts are suggesting that Smer may now split and Robert Fico had indicated that he would step down from politics if he lost the presidential election.

This suggests that there will be some uncertainty in government in the immediate future and that an independent president may well exercise his right to veto and review legislation being passed by parliament.

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