Islamist Parties win


Two Islamist parties have come out on top in the 2011/2012 general election for the 498 elected seats in the People’s Assembly or lower house.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political party, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) took 47% of the vote and 235 seats. The Salafist Al Nour Party took 24% and 124 seats with the New Wafd party, a more secular party, taking 42 seats. The strongly secular parties forming the Egyptian Bloc took 33 seats. The rest of the seats are shared between independents and smaller parties.

The Freedom and Justice Party will now have to form a coalition government which is unlikely to include the Al Nour party because of strong ideological differences. They could manage by taking on the New Wafd party, but if their previous statements are anything to go by, they will try and create a wider coalition.

Elections for the upper house or Shura Council will now take place in two phases between 29th January and 22nd February.

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