Islamist party takes 16 seats


The National Coalition Party for Reform and Development (Tawassul or Tawassoul) which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood has won 16 parliamentary seats, 18 towns and 540 council seats according to results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).

The elections which took place on 23rd November, with a second round on 21st December saw the ruling Union for the Republic (UPR) take 74 of the 147 seats in the expanded National Assembly. Their allies in the Coalition of the Majority took a further 34 seats to give the ruling coalition 105 seats. Tawassul will be the second largest party in the new parliament.

In the municipal elections the UPR also held its tight grip, taking 154 of the 218 municipalities.

The election was boycotted by all parties in the Coordination of the Democratic Opposition (COD) except for Tawassul.

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