Keiko edges ahead, gains PPKs support


Right wing candidate, Keiko Fujimori, has edged ahead slightly of her left wing presidential election opponent Ollanta Humala according to recent opinion polls. Polling day is 5th June.

The most recent opinion poll by Datum, published yesterday and conducted last weekend gives Fujimori 52.9% of the vote and Humala 47.1%.

Two polls published earlier in the week suggest the same lead. They were a CPI poll which gave Fujimori 53.7% of the vote and Humala 46.3%. An Ipsos poll gave Fujimori 43% and Humala 39%.

A lot rests on the TV debate to take place this Sunday. If either candidate trips then it is possible that the vote could change, Peru’s voters are notorious for changing their mind at the polling station. However, pollsters say that 90% of those polled have said that they are firm in their decision as to how they will vote.

A further boost to Keiko Fujimori came from first round candidate and former Cabinet minister, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who said that he would be voting for her. In particular he pointed to the way in which Ollanta Humala had changed his programme for government four times. He highlighted the Humala camp’s decision to change Articles 60 and 66 of Peru’s constitution ‘which are fundamental to the investment management of Peru’.

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