Kirchner allies do well in provincial elections


Allies of President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner have done well in two provincial elections which took place on Sunday.

In Misiones province in the far north east of the country staunch ally of Kirchner, provincial governor Maurice Closs of the Front for Renewal of Concord was re-elected with around 72% of the vote. The Front sits with Kirchner’s Front for Victory bloc in the National Congress.

In Tierra del Fuego province at the other end of the country, in the far south, the election has led to a second round runoff as neither candidates received 50%+ of the vote.

Rosana Bertone, a congresswoman for the Front for Victory took around 43% of the vote whilst incumbent governor, Fabiana Rios of Support for an Egalitarian Republic (ARI) took around 30%. Both candidates claim to have the support of Kirchner.

The results show that Kirchner’s support is growing and that she can expect to win comfortably in the October presidential election.

The next litmus test for Kirchner is when voting takes place in the capital, Buenos Aires, on 10th and 31st July.

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